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How to import a setting to Visual Studio?

Download the setting file. (.vssettings extension)

For example:

Then go Tools/Import Export Settings/Import Selected Environment Settings

and choose the file you downloaded above. Thats all…

Which font should I use for coding?

This guy compiled great fonts for coding in this site.

I use “DEJA VU SANS MONO” in my Visual Studio environment.

You can download this font from here:

also “proggy” seems nice too.

You can download proggy from here:

NOTE: Be sure you download true type fonts (ttf). Other fonts do not work in Visual Studio. And don’t forget to restart visual studio after changing editor font. Otherwise it wont work.

How to write a C program in Visual Studio ?

Using Microsoft Visual Studio for Simple C Programs

A free version of Microsoft Visual C++ Express is available in:

To edit your C program:

  1. From the main menu select File -> New -> Project
  2. In the New Project window:
    Under Project types, select Win32 – Win32 Console Application
    Name your project, and specify a location for your project directory
    Click ‘OK’, then ‘next’
  3. In the Application Wizard:
    Select Console application
    Select Empty project
    Deselect Precompiled header
  4. Once the project has been created, in the window on the left hand side you should see three folders:
    Header Files
    Resource Files
    Source Files
  5. Right-click on Source Files and Select Add-> New Item
    Select Code, and give the file a name
    The default here will be a file with a *.cpp extension (for a C++ file). After creating the file, save it as a *.c file.

To compile and run:

  1. Press the green play button.
  2. By default, you will be running in debug mode and it will run your code and bring up the command window.
    To prevent the command window from closing as soon as the program finishes execution, add the following line to the end of your main function:
    This library function waits for any input key, and will therefore keep your console window open until a key is pressed.


How to make item template with Visual Studio 2012?

When you create a file, if you want to insert automatically date, time and whatever you want to see every time on the header file, you have to follow this. if you want to add a time inserted automatically, you have to insert as $time$ as stated below. There are lots of parameters in below link. Happy programming…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not forget to change

  1. Set the ReplaceParameters attribute of the element to true!!!!! Otherwise it wont work…

“error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16 referenced in function” error in Visual Studio Express 2012


Right Click your Project
Go to “Linker settings
Change the field “Subsystem” from “Windows” to “Console”.
Build Again