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Hyperpin, Visual Pinball


For a week I am dealing with pinball games.

I encountered a video in youtube.

This guy’s setup is insane. I liked pinball and searched for it.

There are two programs.

Visual Pinball 9

Visual pinball 9 Table download


Future Pinball.

Future Pinball Table Download Link

Both programs are free. The difference is Visual pinball 9 is only rendering the ball, Future Pinball is rendering the whole table. Some VP 9 tables are far superior than FP. Also physics are better in VP 9.

And I downloaded also a menu system this guy uses in cabinets
called Hyperpin. d=322

Now I have 170 Original tables from 70’s 80’s.

Amazing to see how much effort people put into these…

Also if you decide to make a pinball cabinet like the one on youtube I have a few links also.

This guy also included every item he bought and their prices also.

If you have any questions about installation of the programs above, I can answer gladly. It may be cumbersome.

Also I suggest to play it rotated. (I have 22 inches LCD Monitor and it is awesome.)

I am playing MUD with LCD rotated also Smile



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