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“sfxr” nice tool for sound effect production!


and its free!

İstanbul’u Dinliyorum – Zülfü Livaneli

This song played in theater Leyla’nın Evi. I Love it.

I went to theater today. This music was from there! Play’s name was “Leyla’nın Evi”. It was amazing 2 hours I spent !! I love theater!

Amazing Rap music also 🙂

Great music ! Have a listen


Epicest game song!!


This song made my day!!!


I am digging album further!

So epic!!!

Yvon Demillac – Nina by Marlène Lemay

composer: Yvon Demillac
performed by Marlène Lemay

Bravo Marlène! I wanted to play like that every time.

Regates-Yvon Demillac by Spronev