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Advices from the creator of Spelunky on finishing Projects

Advices from the creator of Spelunky on finishing Projects

Fragile Plan vs Robust Plan

Great article from founder of on how to start up a business…


Great article about laziness delaying tasks everytime…

Word of the day!

“Last year, 734932 students decided to learn C++ to make their dream game. This resulted in 1 game so far.”

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (very inspiring documentary about a shokunin doing the same job for 75 years!)

Music in the beginning:
Beethoven symphony No.7 Poco sostenuto, vivace



This game is so addictive. Beautiful graphics and awesome action.

You can download standalone or web demo from here:

This is the Steam Greenlight page..

Dev leaves job and home to code in the woods!

How awesome guy he is!

And this is his blog.