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NetBeans thoughts

+ Editor senses syntax errors,uninitialized variables as you type. I am not sure but people call this intellisense I think. Very nice feature.
+ Auto Indention works really well. No edit needed while coding (one space here one backspace there sort of things)
+ When I click on a variable, editor highlights all the variables of the same name.
+ There is a navigator which shows what the variables, functions I made throughout the program. When I click on it it takes cursor to function directly.
+Alt+Mouse Wheel Down or Up zooms in or zooms out the text. This is a very good thing.
Internal Console does not work with code that has scanf in it. So, You have to change to external console. And you have to do this for every project. You can not make this default!! This is irritating. There is no workaround. I don’t understand how the creators of this program forgot to implement a default checkbox to output console choice. I searched internet but could not find a solution. Scanf does not work in internal console!
This is a crazy bug that nobody could solve. Just workarounds exist.

I tried Visual Studio 2008 but I did not like it. I prefer DevC++ over it.
When I have time I will try Eclipse. At work I use it but I have no idea if it is good for C/C++. If you used it for C/C++ please let me know.
My choice seems NetBeans now.