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How to be an indie game developer??

How to be an indie game developer??

Advices from the creator of Spelunky on finishing Projects

Advices from the creator of Spelunky on finishing Projects

Guard your time!

Be ruthless with your time and focus and guard it like it’s priceless, because it is.

“One task for the Day”

Jeff Goins, Professional Writer, wrote this just yesterday, “Today, I took Tim Ferriss’s advice and set a goal of one task for the day that I knew I needed to finish. This was something that if I didn’t do it, I would’ve felt like I wasted my day. Instead of messing around with trivial tasks like checking email, I just went right to it and tried to knock it out as quickly as possible. Just completed it. Feel great and have hours to spare! I’m not the world’s most productive person, so this feels pretty awesome.”